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Growing up in rural South Dakota on a small farm, our family learned to make do with little. With age comes wisdom and what we used to call junk, we now call treasures. As a result, my sister and I developed a strong work ethic and came to value “old” things,recognizing they had a story to tell while still remaining functional today.

I refinished my first piece of furniture in 1978 which was my grandparent’s coffee table. It remains in my living room to this day. After 40 years of practice with mentors along the way, I started my own home business of sharing treasures. Part of the business includes repurposing old furniture along with refinishing pieces to sell.

When I was a child I would spend hours in my dad’s workshop building odds and ends including Barbie doll beds. This interest has continued and you will have the opportunity to purchase items made from old barn wood or reclaimed wood. We have several collectibles including coins, granite enamel ware, Hallmark ornaments; bears and dolls, Barbies and many other items. Our Barbie collection includes inventory of over 2,500 with several being showcased at any given time.

We hope you can stop in and visit our store to experience the antiques and many more unique items available or check out the feature items we have on Facebook each month. We will even let you take a peek at a 300+ grey granite collection if you are interested. Our goal is to help you enjoy your treasures as much as we do ours.


Donna and Julie


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